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Share What You Learn

I can not overstate how much a generous spirit contributes to good luck. Look at the luckiest people around you, the ones you envy, the ones who seem to have destiny falling habitually into their laps. What are they doing that singles them out? It isn’t dumb luck if it happens repeatedly. If they’re anything like the fortunate people I know, they’re prepared, they’re always working at their craft, they’re alert, they involve their friends in their work, and they tend to make others feel lucky to be around them.

—Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

Sharing What You Learn pattern shows how important it is for an apprentice to share their knowledge so that the superiors know how far they have gone, and other apprentices can learn from them. An apprentice is a person who is constantly learning. The best part of being an apprentice is when you start knowing a lot of things, and people come to see you as a source of information. That is the moment when you start feeling somehow accomplished. Before an apprentice gets there, he/she must focus on improving his/her knowledge and learning to communicate effectively with the team. No one has ever said that the journey is going to be easy. On the contrary, it is very challenging at first.

What I found interesting in this pattern is that an apprentice is for sure not a master, but it’s very common that between a couple of apprentices working together, one of them could know a little bit more than the others. Just because an apprentice doesn’t know very much, doesn’t mean that they cannot share what they have learned. Precisely for that, their explanation could be very clear and concise. The best part of the apprenticeship is to learn and to share with another apprentice what you have learned so far. However, there is always a bad side, which is not appreciating what people share. It is important to note that there is an ethical aspect to education and that such experiences are not to be discussed. We need to think before we share something because it could be a secret, or it could hurt others. We should not exchange any lessons if any of our team members get harmed. Furthermore, it is not good if someone finds out that you are not modest enough in the way you share the information. As a conclusion, sharing what you learn is very important not only for people who are listening but for the person who is sharing as well.


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