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Sprint 3 – Retrospective

Sprint 3: 04/08/2020 – 05/04/2020

Sprint 3 preparation started on 04-08-2020. Since Sprint 3 was the final Sprint we were planning to get work done as much as possible. We proposed too many issues that were all appropriate, but we wouldn’t be able to finish them all on time, so we all agreed to keep the most important ones. Our top goal for this Sprint was to have the UpdateGuest service work as a whole.

These are the issues we came up within our Sprint 3 planning (we had more in our backlog):

  • Create MongoDB database for UpdateGuestService
  • Implement WebUI in Angular App
  • Decided which type of Angular form to use for Web UI
  • Learn about Angular Testing
  • Create endpoints in backend
  • Learn how to create tests for backend endpoints
  • Learn Docker
  • UpdateGuestWebUI: Create Docker Configuration
  • UpdateGuestService: Create Docker Configuration
  • Implement requested endpoints from registrar team
  • Decide what needs to be tested in the frontend
  • Implement endpoints in Frontend
  • Implement Angular form in WebUI.

 During Sprint 3 I worked in multiple issues and supported the team with issues discussions and merge requests’ review:

1 – This issue was part of Sprint 2, but we had some minor changes that needed to be done before we merged the merge request.

2 – We had to decide which Angular Form we were going to use, and as a team, we decided to use Reactive Forms.

3 – This is issue was more about learning. The first thing learned was that the latest version of Docker cannot be installed in a Windows Home edition unless you are using it as an enterprise. Docker in Action was a great resource to learn Docker.

4 – I have reviewed, approved, and merged the merge request for this issue.

5 – I created the Docker configuration of the UpdateGuestWebUI using the NGINX proxy server, which by default will run at PORT 8080, using the Docker container IP.

6 – We had a couple of merge requests for this issue. I have reviewed the merge requests of my teammates and implemented the Age&Employment component.

What we needed to do less

We should not focus only on the issues we get ourselves assigned to. Reviewing each other’s work is very important.

What worked for us as a team:

  • Reviewing each other’s work helped a lot with our progress because of the feedback we gave and received.
  • Helping each other through Gitlab Discussions and during our class meetings.
  • Checking GitLab constantly as we decided on our working policy helped us be on the same page.

What we need to improve 

There is always something that needs to be improved, especially when the team is determined to constantly make progress and succeed. In our case, we should improve the way we manage our time. 


I think we finished Sprint 3 successfully. We managed to work together even better than Sprint 1 & 2. The reason for that is because we were able to communicate, discuss, share, and collaborate with each other the whole time. In the end, we all feel satisfied and accomplished with the progress our team had.  


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