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In practice, algorithm problems do not arise at the beginning of a large project. Rather, they typically arise as subproblems when it suddenly becomes clear that the programmer does not know how to proceed or that the current program is inadequate.

Steven S. Skiena, The Algorithm Design Manual

We live in a world where various complicated software projects have different time frames and require a variety of tools to complete tasks. Employers are also reluctant to employ so many professionals to fill all their positions. The problem is that developers learn only what they need to get the job done, and they are not thinking of tomorrow. Sometimes they have to make decisions without even understanding what the issue is and copy some toy examples that would help them solve the issue. In a short time, they become part of the new technology, but they don’t know anything else other than that part of the technology. Moreover, they tend to have trouble keeping the code in good shape, even though the instructions they use cut corners and simplify complicated things in particular. It means that they are constantly wallowing in a perfect way of studying a thousand instruments or something that needs deep knowledge. People sometimes criticize the developers for getting a poor CV, but they forget that developers can learn so little unless they get put under serious tests.

This pattern made me realize that I need to dig deeper into tools, technologies, and techniques. Resources that developers need to be familiar with include debuggers that allow them to see wire-level debuggers that display network traffic and readability. When you can read all descriptions and coding, nothing can hold the process of learning and continuing to work. One method of using this prototype is to collect knowledge from primary sources. Many fake posts can lead you to the wrong path. Do not just take the opinion of someone, figure out who came up with the ideas first, and understand the problems they were trying to solve. Furthermore, as an apprentice, you shouldn’t look for code to copy but you should be focusing on gaining new knowledge from reading different tutorials. Gaining deep knowledge is hard, but by applying this pattern regularly, you will be one of the people who know exactly how everything works. It is better to succeed than to fail…


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