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Sprint 1 – Retrospective

Sprint 1: 01/22/2020 – 02/19/2020

During the month, I started to work as part of the UpdateGuest time for the LibreFoodPantry project. The Sprint started with sharing and learning general knowledge about the project, what are the services to be offered, and some future perspective. As I learned the service that I and my team will be supporting, we began to fill the backlog with to-do tasks. We operated as a Scrum team, managing a Scrum board in GitLab, and separating stories based on requirements.

We started this sprint by learning new knowledge. As we decided to with the MEAN Stack, we needed to gain knowledge in all technologies that will be used: MongoDB, Express Framework, Angular, and Node.js. So we created stories to track our learning timeframe and weight the knowledge we gained.

During the Sprint I worked in multiple stories and supported the team in different topics:

  • #1– I created the Angular App, the Mock version of our UI service. I supported the team with discussions on how the App should be implemented and organized.
  • #2 – I supported to edit and fix an issue we had with .gitignore file. Together with the team, we discussed how to fix this issue and concluded with a good result.
  • #3 – I created the Document and designed the Frontend Architecture for out UpdateGuest. This document will support the implementation of the service. This document will be edited during Sprint 2
  • I supported the team with PR reviews, issue discussions, and research when we had knowledge gaps.

The end of the first Sprint consists of secure knowledge and the beginning of work with UpdateGuest service.

In this retrospective, I and my team need to reflect on these points:

  1. What we need to stop doing
  2. What we need to do less
  3. What we need to keep doing
  4. What we need to improve

1- What we need to stop doing

We should stop Approving PR by only one person. Each member of the team should approve a PR – so we know that we are all on the same page.

2- What we need to do less

We should be careful when we create new stories and check if there are no duplicates.

If there are duplicates, before closing the story we should let the creator of the story know first.

In the case of merging a PR, the creator of the PR should merge, or if another person do it, we should let the creator know first.

3- What we need to keep doing

We need to keep working with stories that we have on the Sprint backlog.

We need to discuss issues that we may have during the sprint and approve each other work.

We should keep reviewing each story before we mark them as DOne and close them.

We should keep solving debatable conversations and conclude in a good result that works for everyone.

4- What we need to improve 

We should have better communication for each story, issue or blocker during the sprint. Class meetings are not enough to solve issues. For each story, we all need to discuss and communicate with each other, and to consider all opinions before we conclude to a solution. Communication is the key to success for a team.


As a team, we successfully closed Sprint 1. We closed most of the stories in Sprint’s backlog and supported each other to move to the next sprint. We had a Sprint review for what we did, and a Sprint planning for Sprint 2, so we are prepared for the next step. So, let’s start implementing our ideas!


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